Community Holds Spring Awards Assembly

The annual spring awards assembly was held to recognize the achievements of several students as well as members of the faculty and staff. The seniors and those who received awards gathered in the gymnasium while the rest of the school watched virtually. Below is a list of those recognized along with photos.

Middle School Knights of the Month:

Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade
SEP Matthew Frontuto Lucas Christiano Gus Galambos
OCT Colby Coon Anthony Breedlove Campbell Burrill
NOV Brysen Terry Koby Granger Rodney Asse
DEC Michael Hristodoulou Cameron Caroccio Joseph Boon
JAN Ryan Erdmann Jack Monsour John Morris
FEB Henry Goertel Landon Basset Ethan Kepes
MAR John Bogdan Jonathan Mintz Nicholas Rood

Middle School Students of the Month: 

Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade
SEP Thomas Steele Gianni Hahn William McCarthy
OCT Michael Duckles Luke McCormack Ronan Turkovich
NOV Logan Pettis Ryan Vollersten Rafael Ortiz
DEC Ryan Cox Oliver Aguirre Jack Rawleigh
JAN Ryan Kozara Chase Diehl Evan Tomcik
FEB Elliot Epstein Charles Meyer Charles Sutton
MAR Wyatt Bucci Blaise Weidmann Ethan Weiss

Commended Students in the National Merit Scholarship Program: seniors Samuel Brunacini, Lucas Lewyckyj, Philip Minnehan, Nicholas Schaeffer, and Samuel Topa

National Merit Scholarship Finalist: Charles Laniak, ’21

Outstanding Middle School Art Student: Ian Davey, ’26

Drama Award: Gabriel Cote, ’21 and Braden Merle, ’21

John Philip Sousa Band Award: Justin Karnisky, ’21

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Keeler Thomas, ’21 

Percussion Award: Jaden Reuter, ’21

Director’s Award for Orchestra: Xavier Joseph, ’26

National School Award for Orchestra: Julian Joseph, ’21

Get-It-Straight Orthodontics Scholarship: Andrew Fullone, ’21

Wegmans Program Scholarship: Andrew Giacobbi, ’21

New York State Attorney General Triple C Award: Elijah Rivera, ’21

Robert Schwartz Scholarship: Susan Subba, 21

US Naval Academy Appointment: Justin Carl, ’21

Sportsmanship Award: Jordan Brongo, ’21 

University Award: Joseph Cairns, ’21

Christian Mathews Simba Award: Samuel Goodwin, ’21

Yearbook Dedication: Mr. Angelo Figueroa & Mr. Dale Cole

Thomas Shields Award: Mr. Dale Cole

Silent Knight Award: Aidan Kotsch, ’21

Teacher of the Year: Mr. David Demers

Knight of the Year: Aldrin Wilson, ’21

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