Seniors Write “Monster Stories”

Each year, Mrs. Bors asks her senior English students to write “Monster Stories.” The exercise is a result of their study of literary monsters throughout the semester. From Oedipus’ Sphinx to Victor Frankenstein’s monster, to Hamlet’s ghost, seniors have been challenged to look squarely into the eye of the monster and see how it shapes the hero. It seems only fitting then, that they should have the opportunity to try their hand at creating their own monster, and use the setting of McQuaid, a place they know so well, to bring their creature to life.

On Friday, the piece written by senior Kalind Adhikari was selected to be read to the sixth grade. Fellow classmate David Dancuta read the piece in the Wegman Center atrium. This is the third year in a row seniors from Mrs. Bors’ class have shared their stories with the sixth grade.

Click here to read Kalind’s story.

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